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Anhui Million Feather was established in 1980. We are located in the source of goose&duck - Luan City, which is famous of West Anhui White Goose. We have been one of the leading manufacturers of down & feathers and down & feather home textile products since we began our direct export business in 1990.

Owning to 4 sets of washing and sorting equipment and 150 sets of high speed sewing machines, we can finish 2500 pieces of ready-made down quilts and 10 tons of down every day. Our products include washed white duck feathers, washed white goose feathers, washed white duck down, washed white goose down, down&feather filled duvet, mattress topper, pillow, cushion.

Anhui Million Feather has three subsidiaries: one feather&down producing factory, one sewing factory, one garment factory. We currently employ 700 workers, 30 quality control personnel, and 5 professional sales person. In addition to well-equipped facilities, we also enjoy convenient transportation access to major ports in Shanghai.

Our stable quality control, favorable price and efficient service enable us to develop rapidly. With the principle of "good quality, professional service and mutual benefits", we have won customers' trust. We believe that all the people who have cooperated with us will be very satisfied with our good quality products and the best service! We will continue to cooperate with clients in an honest way based on mutual benefit !

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